Aphem is Association of Higher Education runs in Malaysia. We are a Not for Profit Organisation. We run boarding school located in Genting Highlands named HIBS.The Hibs is the most affordable Boarding School In Malaysia .The revenue of APHEM is to promote and support higher education.The Hibs school is nestled in the scenic, cool and conducive environment for learning in the Genting Highlands.

The Aphem supports targeted educational projects in Malaysia for Higher Education with well infrastructure in Genting Highlands.


Aphem is a non-profit aid organisation in South East Asia, which operates several social enterprise for more than under privilege children, adolescents and adults. The project is financed with the proceeds from Tourism Asset Investment Trust (TAIT) and from donations.

The foundation is a social enterprise which aims to contribute to South East Asia society via its educational provision and providing social benefits and fair working conditions for society. The private social project was founded in 2016 by Dato’ Sri Michael. The foundation also operates programme for artists and writers.

The Aphem supports targeted educational projects in South East Asia (SEA). With its Special Education Schools in SEA, it makes possible affordable education and vocational training for children, young people and adults.